Transferet Relocation Services

When is the best time to move?
The busiest times for moving companies are during the summer months when the volume of shipments is extremely heavy. Consider all the factors when deciding on the best time for you to move and allow enough lead time for the family to perform all the pre-move activities as well as allow the mover to schedule your move. If you have some flexibility in your schedule, indicate the parameters at origin and also at destination. This will allow the company to work within the requirements, scheduling packing teams, vehicles and international shipping in the most appropriate manner. If you stay flexible, it should make a difference.
What should I do about the kids?

For some children the prospect of a new school, new friends or even a new bedroom can be daunting. Talk to your children about your move and get them used to the idea well in advance. There are many good websites and many good books which touch on the best way to handle children during a move.
• Involve your children in the planning process.
• Help them learn about the new community where they will be living.
• Let them be honest with you about how they are feeling.
• Try explaining the concept of moving to young children by play-acting with dolls, boxes and a truck.
• Above all, keep your children safe on the moving day and reassure your children that you’re not going to leave them behind!

Are packing materials the same?

No. TRANSFERET requires its Network members to provide special wrapping and packing materials. Availability of certain materials vary by country but in general we have a number of specialised cartons for the common items such as books, toys and normal home contents. In addition, most locations have both
flat and standing wardrobes for clothing.
One of our favorites is our Essentials box which is used for furniture hardware, remotes cables, etc.
No matter how unique the item being moved, we can provide the right packaging.

What if I have a vehicle to ship?

Vehicle regulations vary from country to country but they are almost always highly detailed in terms of paperwork, regulations and procedures. Before sending any vehicle overseas, be sure to check with our office first. Then also check the local Embassy of the destination country and insist on seeing the
regulations in writing. If there are any doubts or concerns about what is or is not allowed,
our office can assist in checking at the destination with reliable sources.

What if I have a pet to ship?

Pet owners are often more concerned about their pets than their personal effects. We know this and employ specialists or specialist partners to deal with pets. As with vehicles, the regulations vary greatly and importations of pets or animals are carefully watched at destination. Be absolutely sure of the rules
before embarking on shipment of a pet. Also be aware of requirements for inoculations and quarantine.

Are there any things I should not ship or cannot take with me to my new home?

Most carriers have restrictions relating to safety and security. While countries differ, the list below may give you an idea of what are generally discouraged for shipment.This applies to goods packed by you or by our office.

Category 1:Radioactive Material
•Wet Batteries

Category 2:Explosives
• Ammunition
• Flares
• Fireworks

Category 3:Flammable Gases
• Acetylene

Category 4:Flammable Liquids
• Petrol
• Paints
• Turpentine

Category 5:Miscellaneous
• Matches
• Magnesium
• Phosphorous
• Methylated Spirits
• Methane Black
• Flammable Solids
• Scuba Tanks
• Gas Cylinders
• Aerosol Cans
• Explosive Devices
• Life Rafts
• Butane Lighters/Refills
• Home Soft Drink Makers

Category 6:Oxidising Substances
• Calcium Hypochlorite
• Ammonium Nitrate
• Sodium Nitrate
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Fire Lighters Powder

Category 7:Corrosive Substances
• Caustic Soda
• Hydrochloric Acid
• Sulphuric Acid

Category 8:Poisonous and Toxic Substances
• Pesticides
• Weed Killers
• Photographic Developers
• Arsenic
• Hydrochloric Acid

Category 9:Fire Arms
• Military Weapons
• Fully Automatic Weapons
• Hand Guns