Transferet Relocation Services

Moving & Storage & Relocation

Domestic Moving Services
TRANSFERET has the largest network of moving brands in INDIA, It takes a concerted team effort to make a great move happen. It must be well planned and perfectly executed on many fronts. It requires teamwork, customer focus, and ongoing communication every step of the way. That’s why TRANSFERET and its network are trusted by families each year to make great moves happen.

If you are looking for a full-service move, request an estimate from us.

International Moving Solutions
TRANSFERET has one of the largest network of moving brands in the world, with more than 10 major moving companies around the globe within our network. Together these companies form one of the largest global moving footprints of any home relocation services provider, delivering unsurpassed value and accountability, superior service and quality, and customized solutions.

The TRANSFERET network of global brands has over 200 offices that move families every day in more than 100 countries. We are the provider with the global reach and local expertise to move anyone anywhere, at any time.

With TRANSFERET-owned assets, partners and employees in every major country, we bring you unparalleled control over your international moving shipments from end-to-end. Seamless network communications, shipment tracking, and global service centers mean you stay informed every step of the way.

If you are looking for a full-service international moving company with the answer to all your moving relocation services needs, TRANSFERET is the solution. Request an estimate for our services.

Finally, there is a centralized moving site that lets you relocate economically, while working with your choice. TRANSFERET is your complete move solution that saves time, saves money, and even lets you earn rewards.

TRANSFERET simplifies the moving process. You have one trusted provider - and a single point of contact – from the start of your move to the end: from moving trucks and real estate services to getting a mortgage.

TRANSFERET also provides VIP moving relocation services from industry-leading van lines, real estate professionals and Mortgage that help streamline your move.

TRANSFERET also gives you valuable rewards, like gift cards, cash savings, or airline miles-on top of your normal savings. The complete move package is the ultimate in savings: you get greater rewards for packaging all of your moving services together.

Relocation Services

image01 Managing the Relocation Experience
During the mobility process, the highest expenses often fall into the following categories—destination services, transportation of household goods, corporate housing, tax services and employee home sale. Working with our client services experts in these key areas makes it possible to minimize risk and reduce significant costs within your company mobility program, while improving the employee experience.

Maximize your spend and increase the quality of your program
We invite you to learn more about how we can strengthen your relocation services program and deliver the lowest total cost to relocate without compromising your transferee’s moving experience:

Consulting Services

The Process
Our Consultants study your needs, evaluate your culture and business objectives and analyze your relocation program using a variety of tools such as cost analysis, process mapping, benchmarking, best practices, and trend monitoring.
Once our analysis is complete, we use the results to design an innovative, customized policy that provides the best mobility benefits and relocating experience possible for you and helps drive value for your business too.

Analytics & Technology
Your Technology Partner for Mobility Success
Leading the way in innovation, our client technology team will provide you with the products and platforms you need to manage an exceptional relocation program.

Statistical Projects and Data Analysis
Our team of trained analysts is available to help you make important program or policy changes. With extensive business knowledge, our team analyzes your key levers of total cost, satisfaction and service drivers in order to make your current mobility program even more effective.

HR and Financial System Integration
TRANSFERET offers seamless integration between your in-house HR and financial systems into our relocation management platforms. Whether it’s integrating in-bound initiations, in-bound W-2 forms, or outbound expense payments – we’re able to fully integrate our tracking systems into yours allowing you to better manage and track your corporate relocation program.

image01 Security Integrations
TRANSFERET can help you integrate data security measures, including e-mail encryption. Encryption ensures sensitive information is safeguarded when sending to and from your company’s e-mail platform to outside vendors.

Process Improvement Projects
Let our experienced and trained team identify ways to make your processes even more efficient. By following a process of define, measure, analyze improve and control, we’re able to find efficiencies that could save you time, money on total relocation costs, and improve your transferee’s experience.

Dedicated Business Analyst
At TRANSFERET we believe in walking along side you to ensure your mobility program is the best that is can be – and that’s why we provide every client a dedicated business analyst. This analyst will serve as your dedicated resource to help you make the most of your company mobility program ensuring all of your business needs are met year-after-year.